About Realtor Gifts

You have worked hard with your client to find the house that they can make a home, a house that memories will be made in for many years to come.  You helped them with financing, made sure the title work was done on time and to satisfaction and held their hand through all sorts of fears and concerns and made it happen for them.  You know they are already grateful, but you know what, most agents do this and in today's world, it is considered part of the job.  Sure some do it better than others and some realtors care more than others, but that is the same in all fields.

Closing is a time for you to shine.  Signing the mortgage, handing over the keys, getting the big smiles that you worked so hard to make happen.

Now is the time for you to shine above the competition (and get those valuable referrals).

You can do this in several ways.

  1. Either hand them a gift at closing
  2. Have previously placed a custom cutting board in their new kitchen that will surprise them when they get "home".
  3. Call them a few weeks later and have a very special thank you gift with you (enter custom cutting board).

Personalized cutting boards make the best house closing gifts.


I promise it will make them smile!

Thank you in advance for your business.

Tim Zurawski, mas